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Facilities Maintenance

We are pleased to offer you the following services to our studio:

- Regular servicing

- Diagnostics and repair of chassis

- Diagnostics and repair of motor

- Diagnostics and repair checkpoint

-Computer Diagnostics

-ремонт/восстановление/програмирование electronic control systems of high complexity

-диагностика/заправка/ремонт climate - control / air conditioner

-installation /remont additional DVD, etc.)


-Body repair, straightening / painting

-Body parts, lights, mirrors at very low prices



and many other kinds of work

Auto repair "Spirits MOTORS" offers a comprehensive tuning cars. Mechanical compressors, turbo, packages to increase engine power, aerodynamic body kits and protective, reinforced brake kits with removable calipers, exhaust systems, reprogramming the ECU, alloy wheels, and accessories.

Preparation wheel drive vehicles for hunting, fishing, recreation and operation in extreme conditions.

- Protective bumpers and sills
- Protective stainless steel rails
- Protective caps headlamps, hood vents, side windows and rear window
- Spoilers, body kits aerodynamic
- Additional staffing and high-power optics. Headlamps, dim, fog light. Optics XENON.
- Racks
- Electric and hydraulic winches, rigging
- Heavy-duty suspension components
- Enhanced cross-axle locking differential
- Wheels 16 ", 17", 18 ", 19", 20 ", 22" for a wide range all-wheel drive, cars and sports cars, as well as executive cars.
- All season, mud, winter, high-speed road racing tires and much more ...

The best equipment and professional team allows us to maintain high-level high-tech cars of different brands of recent years of release.
Service from the "Spirits Motors" - a guarantee of reliable and durable operation of your vehicle.